Alumni Clubs

Get started with Purdue Alumni clubs

Alumni Clubs connect the Purdue family through events and outings focused on strategic initiatives set by the alumni association, Pillar of Strength, Service and Relationships.

Club Support and Benefits

  • Staff Liaison: A professional staff member is assigned to work with each club.
  • Online Services: Variety of services including club website hosting, e-mail forwarding, events posted on the Purdue Alumni website club events calendar, and bulk e-mails.
  • Club Promotion: Club activities listed on the University calendar, bulk e-mails, and in University and alumni association media.
  • Event Box: Sent for social events or otherwise designated events and includes name tags, brochures, pencils, "P" lapel pins, table covers, pom-poms, etc.
  • Scholarship Program: A staff liaison will assist with the scholarship process and serve as the liaison between the club and the Division of Financial Aid.
  • Student Recruitment: Website link to PART program which includes materials for college fairs, and Purdue Alumni staff will serve as liaison between the club and Admissions.
  • Tax Identification Number: Purdue Alumni will obtain a federal identification number for the purpose of the club opening a checking account.
  • Club Leaders Conference: Annual training conference and recognition celebration for alumni leaders and volunteers.
  • Leaders' Handbook: Reference manual for club leaders in print and online.