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Letters to the Editor

King of the Road
Bob Martin knows he's living the American Dream
Big Apple Entrepreneur
Engineering alumnus is standing out among the startup crowd
Purdue Day of Giving
Got Milk?
Scientist’s research does a whole lot of good for the body

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Saying Thanks!
View the Purdue Day of Giving Thank You video.
Industry Outlook
Listen to an RV Business interview with Bob Martin.
Celebrating Innovation
Check out an Intel video that features Ted Ullrich and Tomorrow Labs.

Alumni Profiles

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Food scientist satisfies chocolate cravings Read More
Edit: Big Apple Entrepreneur
  • Word of Tomorrow Lab’s unique collaborations as a sophisticated partner willing to build upon inventions has spread quickly throughout New York City. Ted Ullrich (E'06) co-founded the company in 2010. Photo by Ewan Burns
  • Edit: King of the Road
  • Bob Martin (LA'93) enjoys sharing his love for camping and the RV lifestyle with his wife, Amy, and their two children, Mackenzie and Will. Photo by Charles Jischke
  • Edit: Corn suitable for growing in caves
  • Researchers Yang Yang, left, and Cary Mitchell have developed a technique that could be used to grow crops in controlled-environment facilities in caves and former mines. Photo by Purdue University
  • Edit: King of the Road
  • Bob Martin (LA'93), who majored in law and society at Purdue, ascended the corporate ladder from entry-level sales associate to president and CEO of a $3 billion company, Thor Industries. Bob Martin (LA'93) knows he's living the American dream. Photo by Charles Jischke
  • Edit: Big Apple Entrepreneur
  • One of Ted Ullrich's (E'06) startup collaborations involved a citywide bicycle sharing program pitched to Copenhagen. Social Bicycles work like Zipcars that can be parked anywhere. All the mobile communications and locking devices are built into the bikes themselves. Photo by Ewan Burns
  • Edit: Speeding up the diagnosis
  • J. Paul Robinson, professor of cytomics in Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine and professor in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, is part of the research team using tunable luminescent nanocrystals to detect viruses within minutes. Photo by Getty Images
  • Edit: Day of Giving
  • More than $85,000 of the nearly $7.5 million raised during Purdue Day of Giving on April 30 was earmarked for Purdue Bands and Orchestras. Photo by Charles Jischke
  • Edit: Purdue Partners with US Navy
  • President Mitch Daniels, at left, and US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus speak during a ceremony to sign a statement of cooperation, agreeing to work together to convert up to half of the Navy and Marine Corps’ energy consumption to alternative sources, including biofuels, by 2020. Photo by Steven Yang
  • Edit: King of the Road
  • A longtime RVer himself, Bob Martin (LA'93) says his time camping throughout Indiana, Michigan, and of course on Slayter Hill, has helped him make solid decisions as president of Thor Industries. Photo by Charles Jischke
  • Edit: Big Apple Entrepreneur
  • For Ted Ullrich (E'06), a 30-year-old design engineer with a mind for startups, that culture isn’t about selling out. He believes it’s about making life better. Photo by Ewan Burns
  • Edit: Day of Giving
  • Numerous campus events were held to promote the first-ever Purdue Day of Giving, including a barbecue on Memorial Mall for students, who paused during their 'dead week' to write thank-you notes to donors for their support of Purdue. Photo by Charles Jischke
  • Edit: Students win top research award
  • A Purdue student team has won a national contest for designing a “Biowall” of living plants integrated into a building’s heating and ventilation system. Photo by EPA
  • Edit: Whirlpool, Purdue turning house into 'net-zero' home
  • Purdue doctoral student Stephen Caskey (at left) works with professor Eckhard Groll to convert a home near campus to the most efficient domicile possible. Photo by Mark Simons
  • Edit: Innovative technology to treat neurological diseases
  • An innovation to treat neurological diseases by Purdue researcher Riyi Shi has been licensed to Neuro Vigor LLC, a startup in West Lafayette. Photo by Michel Schweinsberg
  • Edit: Day of Giving
  • The first-ever Purdue Day of Giving, held April 30, raised $7.5 million in donations from alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends. Photo by Charles Jischke 
  • Edit: King of the Road
  • Bob Martin (LA’93) credits his experience as a Purdue student-athlete for teaching him persistence and tenacity, qualities that have served him well as a businessman. Photo by Charles Jischke