You’ve worked hard for four years or more, but now what?

Receiving your diploma is just the first step in becoming a part of an elite group of Boilermakers. After commencement you are an official Purdue University Alumni! Your Purdue Alumni Association is here to act as a gateway between graduation, career, and the rest of your life.  Our database of alumni will allow to network and connect with Boilermakers around the world. We have 430,000+ living alumni around the world, so yes, there are alumni everywhere you go! The Alumni Association will keep you informed about upcoming events and Purdue University news via our award winning magazine, The Alumnus.

Young Alumni and recent graduates are the future of Purdue University. We want to see you come back year after year for Homecoming and Spring Fest. Who doesn’t want to compete in the cricket spitting contest? Just like the way Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Den Pops, and sledding down Slayter Hill are traditions, YOU, our young alumni Boilermakers, are our tradition. Loyalty lives here. Hail Purdue!

Where Will You Be After Graduation?

Take a look at this map to see where some of our recent graduates have indicated they will be headed.


Did you know that after you graduate with your first Purdue degree, Purdue University gives you graduation gift of your first year of membership through your Purdue Alumni Association Gateway Membership? Check out the benefits, discounts, and insurance options that are available to you as a member of the Purdue Alumni Association. You will also start receiving the Purdue Alumnus magazine every other month.

Network With Boilermakers

There are Purdue graduates in every corner of the globe! Check out the Alumni Clubs and International Networks wherever you're headed so that you can find ways to meet and network with other Boilermakers.

Job Hunt Help

Check out the Career Gateway or CCO.

Transcripts and Commencement

Need a copy of your transcript? Or information about Commencement?

Get Involved

Your Purdue Alumni Association has additional ways for you to get involved, including the Board of Directors Class Representative position. Be recognized for your efforts with our Young Alumni award.

Travel Opportunities

Travel with us! We have opportunities both in the US and in Europe.

Upcoming Events

Check out the Purdue Alumni Association's upcoming event calendar.


Have you attended one of our events? View photo galleries here.