About Us

Your Purdue Alumni Association is the gateway for loyal alumni and friends to build relationships with each other and Purdue University. As the ninth largest dues-paying alumni association in the nation, we are dedicated to providing you with the programs and services you need to stay connected to Purdue.

Members receive many benefits, including the award-winning Purdue Alumnus magazine. Above all, joining Purdue Alumni represents an opportunity for you to show your loyalty to Purdue University. Your dues provide funding for the programs, services, and scholarships offered by the alumni association and alumni clubs and groups.

Purdue Alumni is an independently financed, nonprofit alumni organization. Through the support of dues-paying members worldwide, we offer our services to all alumni.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can serve you better, please let us know at purduealumni@purdue.edu or (800) 414-1541.