Boilermaker Special

The body of the first Boilermaker Special was fabricated and assembled at Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Louis S. Divan (ME’29), who spent his entire career at Baldwin, took this photo of the completed train prior to it being shipped to Purdue in the fall of 1940.

Fountain Runs

Fountain runs are a rite of passage for many Purdue students. During Boiler Gold Rush, they serve as an introduction to the invigorating pursuits that lay ahead.

Senior Cords

In 1904, Purdue seniors began a tradition of wearing — and later elaborately decorating — yellow corduroy pants, a practice that lasted for more than 60 years.

Campus Model

In 1957, the Department of Facilities Planning and Engineering pursued the idea of a physical campus model to give visitors an overview of the Purdue campus and surrounding community.

Hail Purdue Wall

A two-year endeavor to memorialize the spirit of Purdue culminated in the Hail Purdue Wall, a permanent tribute to the century-old fight song.

Smart Window

Purdue Memorial Union is home to many traditions and memorials, including a stained glass window, located at the southwest entrance, dedicated to a past Purdue president.

Tank Scrap

Starting in 1894, the Tank Scrap has to be one of the strangest and most violent of the long list of Purdue traditions.

The Voice

Roy Johnson (AAE’60, MS E’62), the Voice of the All-American Marching Band, estimates he’s read “I am an American” around 350 times over the past 43 years.

Victory Bell

The Victory Bell was purchased in 1877 and suspended in the old heating plant, where it was manually rung as a summons to class and chapel as well as a general warning bell.

Purdue Circus & May Day

In the early 1900s, to coincide with the end of classes each May, Purdue’s student body staged a day of elaborate events that included the Purdue Circus and May Day activities.