Boilermaker Revelry

Boilermaker Revelry returns!

Display the Purdue colors on campus, in the local community and across the state continuously from Friday, August 5, through Saturday, September 1, and then on Fridays and Saturdays during all home football weekends this fall.

E-mail us pictures of your Purdue flags flying, and we'll display them in the gallery here on our webpage!

Be sure to stop by the Dauch Alumni Center on home football game days and pick up your free mini Purdue flag! Get your flag, take your pic, and send it to us!

"What better way to display support than with Purdue flags flying all over campus, all over the community, at all Boilermaker farms, all over the state, and for that matter, the nation and the world. The Boilermaker Flag Campaign will annually remind us of how our great community and our great university embrace 40,000 young people to help them as they grow and learn so they can impact and lead our future. It also will signal the return of a great American tradition - college football, which allows 60,000-plus fans to come together as family to enjoy a daylong experience focused on family and some fun."

- Morgan Burke, Purdue athletic director

Boiler up!