As a PASE (Purdue Alumni Student Experience) member you will be a part of the largest student group on campus. We have over 6,000 members!

    Founded in 2005, PASE is the student membership group of the Purdue Alumni Association and provides opportunities to:

    • Network with alumni and friends of Purdue that could lead to exciting opportunities
    • Promote Purdue pride and tradition on campus
    • Enhance the college experience through fun, memorable events

    Loyalty begins here. 


    Each year students are a member, they receive a new t-shirt, pint glass with a Purdue icon on it, and membership card.

    The membership card gives them access to discounts around town.

    Discounts & Benefits

    Those who pay for a 4-year membership in their first year will receive a PASE Columbia fleece jacket!

    Upcoming Events

    August 24–28: Traditions Week: Celebrate Purdue traditions the first week of school. Monday is FREE Den Pop Day!

    September 9: Mock Career Fair: Prepare for upcoming career fairs by practicing with real employers. 

    September 17: Networking Dinner: Have dinner and network with successful Purdue alumni.

    Follow us on social media for exciting contests, promotions, and up-to-date information!



    Board of Directors

    Want to help plan PASE events and programs? Join the PASE Board of Directors! This group of 25 students helps run PASE. It is a great way to network even more with alumni and gain useful leadership skills. The application process begins in September of each year.

    Click here to learn more about the PASE Board of Directors.